Monday, October 22, 2012

Editing majorly

Hello again, its Miranda :)

Since my book is done (like I've said before) I've started some major editing, fixing, plot changes, and etc.
and it is a lot harder than I thought, I must say.

Of course, I'm not giving up on this not yet, but so far my self edit is going smoothly but I've come to ask for more advice and maybe questions.

How would you go about editing something you've done? Whether it be a piece of literature or an essay for school, what do you do for it and do any of you know any good agents or publishing companies I should look into. I do think I've had a couple page views. No comments so far but that's okay. I like knowing that people are at least looking.

So, that's about it. I've just come to update on the fact that I'm doing some editing and I'm looking into some agents or publishers

Thanks for reading! :) Hope you have had a great day too!



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